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It's so intense it's hard to believe that they're just acting and the director has refused to say one way or the other.

I've watched the movie, unlike others just skimming and pausing at the sex scenes.

Camera360 Ultimate actually delivers on these promises and allows you to take photos like a pro without loads of effort and years of practice. It boasts a wide variety of 'cams' with different options available depending on the type of picture you want to take.

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Though Photo Booth for Windows 7 lacks some features found in the original program – such as background effects, or being able to record video – it’s still one of the best Photo Booth clones for Windows you can find these days.

And if none of the pre-installed camera options in Camera360 Ultimate meet your needs, you can download more from the store.

At the moment the options are limited, but hopefully there will be more released soon.

Like the original app, Photo Booth for Windows 7 includes a selection of special effects you can apply to the image on your webcam in real time, and then take a picture of it.

Once the picture appears in the camera roll at the bottom of the window, you can save it to the hard drive or share it on Facebook and Twitter straight away.

Other interesting camera options include the 'effects' cam, the 'funny' cam, the 'selfie' cam (which automatically smooths your face) and the 'color shift' cam, which allows you to keep just one color in your photo and make the rest of the background black and white.