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17-Aug-2017 07:58

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Lawmakers have become acutely familiar with the financial challenges caused by pension underfunding, and they're certainly aware of the political difficulties involved in trying to change pension formulas.

But policies that sell well in cities won't always work statewide.

After stumbling off the stage during his last presidential run and being indicted on criminal charges, Texas’ longest-serving and possibly most influential governor wants to redeem his political career.

New York City and Arizona are the last jurisdictions that still do it.

Josh has a post over at Ballot Box suggesting that Sanford's viability, like that of any politician caught in a big scandal, depends on the depth of the reservoir of popularity and goodwill he may have enjoyed before getting caught out.

In some cases, they admit their intent to tilt the ideological balance.North Carolina's fight over LGBT protections is part of a larger recent shift in political dynamics: States are thwarting local laws any chance they get -- while simultaneously complaining about federal intrusion on their own.

There may be more single men and single women than ever before across the UK, but it’s all too easy to miss them in the bustle of modern life.… continue reading »

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But there’s certainly a determination to use her newfound fame in a positive way. It’s a hugely powerful message to send to Middle Ireland and the voters who will need to be convinced next Spring.… continue reading »

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