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24-Jan-2018 20:51

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“They stopped being intimate long before the relationship ended,” reveals the friend, who says Halle thought that Gabriel wasn’t attracted to her anymore after their daughter, Nahla, was born two years ago.

“He would always tell Halle that she was the hottest woman he had ever seen and that her insecurities were carried over from past relationships where men cheated on her.

Gabriel opened Café Fuego, a Cuban restaurant in the East Village (rumor has it that he decorated entirely with e Bay purchases). Gabriel made a name for himself by modeling for Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Versace, Calvin Klein, DKNY, Valentino and many more.

An avid golfer, Gabriel has participated in many celebrity golf tournaments, including the Callaway Golf Foundation Challenge in 2008.

Halle agreed, and they worked everything out about how they were going to split, and they kept it classy.

And then when their split became public, neither one of them liked the way they were being portrayed, so they started playing games in the media to see who could “win” the breakup.

In the immediate aftermath of Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry’s breakup, sh-t got dirty and heated really fast.

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The insider added that the 34-year-old Aubry, best known as Halle Berry's ex, is "older than Kim is looking for.Gabriel would say that he still loved her, but the lack of intimacy definitely put a strain on their relationship.” Finally, it seems that Halle just gave up. “Halle was trying to make some changes in the relationship, but instead he just moved on,” says the insider, adding that family was always his main concern.“Gabriel wanted two things that Halle was never willing to give him: another baby and a wife.He had no choice but to look for a woman who could possibly make his dreams a reality, and now poor Halle is left with regrets.” [From In Touch, print edition, May 24, 2010] Here’s what I now believe about this relationship: Halle is really screwed up about men and relationships, and always had in her head that she and Gabriel weren’t going to last forever.

Gabriel loved Halle, but he probably began thinking the same thing, that this whole deal wasn’t going to last.

By some accounts, Halle was a shrew and a harpie, always nagging Gabriel and calling him a loser.

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