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Teens still fall in love, hearts are still broken, students still struggle in school, turkey and pumpkin pie are still served on Thanksgiving, and the world continues to spin madly on.

Coming to terms with the similarities between the now and then helps to not only better comprehend history, but it can significantly strengthen familial ties and your understanding of self.

Outhouses have been replaced with automatic flush toilets; cold bucket baths have been swapped with steamy hot showers; hours on the farm have been taken over by time spent in front of laptop computers; and late night chats sipping tea with family and friends have been substituted with midnight rendezvous with strangers in sports bars.

While times have undoubtedly changed drastically since our grandparents were kids, in many ways, life is remains very much the same.

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Thanks to our Positive Parenting Solutions members, who weighed in on their own experiences and shared fabulous ideas for grandparents, here are nine ways you can keep the peace, foster joy, and make gift-giving even more meaningful this season: 1. Instead of the latest, greatest monstrosity of a toy, ask grandparents to consider gifts that can be enjoyed as experiences together. These treasure troves will not only make for fun crafting experiences, but the supplies will also come in handy for school projects throughout the year. The amount isn’t important, but it’s an opportunity for them to start a nest egg that kids can either use to save for something important or use with their parents' discretion throughout the year. We love the new services that send monthly kid-friendly, age-appropriate science kits. What about teaching valuable life skills — gardening, cooking, weaving, cleaning, woodworking, music, and more — in a fun and engaging way?Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis were on to something when they decided to drastically cut back on holiday gifts this year.Christmas 2016 was “too much,” Mila revealed recently, as a result of well-meaning grandparents going overboard when it came to gift-giving.Actually, according to parents that we’ve polled, over-gifting has created a myriad of issues, from kids not appreciating what they have to spoiled behavior to stress between parenting partners.

Related: Should grandparents spoil their grandkids? Parents who want to impose limits for well-meaning grandparents are often left wondering how. Many grandparents have thoughtfully opted for gifts of annual passes that kids and families can enjoy year-round such as to local museums, zoos, theme parks, aquariums, sports centers, or theaters. Whether your kids are involved in sports, theater, dance, cheer, music — or some sort of extracurricular activity, if not multiple. We’ve loved seeing grandparents step into the role of “booster” for their grandchildren’s passions. An awesome idea is a gift of a craft basket or bin filled with creative supplies kids can pull from.

Most of them are still married and have made their romantic relationship their life’s top priority.