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Many such smaller states, especially in India, were for most practical purposes administered by the imperial government, but sovereignty rested in their rulers and not in the British Crown, and all such persons were (and still are) considered to have been born outside the sovereignty and allegiance of the Crown, and are known as British Protected Persons.

The Canadian government's first attempt to restrict immigration from India was an Order in Council passed on January 8, 1908, that prohibited immigration of persons who "in the opinion of the Minister of the Interior" did not "come from the country of their birth or citizenship by a continuous journey and or through tickets purchased before leaving their country of their birth or nationality".

It was also known as the Hindi Association of the Pacific Coast. The Canadian Government made claims that amongst the passengers were a number of Indian nationalists intent on creating disorder (See Ghadar conspiracy, Annie Larsen arms plot, and Christmas Day Plot.). The ship was scheduled to leave in March, but Singh was arrested for selling tickets for an illegal voyage.

The passengers consisted of 340 Sikhs, 24 Muslims, and 12 Hindus, all British subjects. After several months he was released on bail and given permission by Francis Henry May, the Governor of Hong Kong, to set sail. More passengers joined at Shanghai on April 8, and the ship arrived at Yokohama on April 14.

Bhagwaan Singh Giani was head priest of the Gurdwara in Vancouver and had been one of three delegates sent to London and India to represent the case of Indians in Canada.

Ghadarite literature was disseminated on board and political meetings took place on board.

The shore committee raised ,000 as an installment for chartering the ship. Edward Bird's legal counsel on behalf of Munshi Singh, one of the passengers.

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The Ghadar Party was an organization founded by Indian residents of the United States and Canada in June 1913 with the aim of liberating India from British rule.

One of the Sikh passengers, Jagat Singh Thind, was the youngest brother of Bhagat Singh Thind, an Indian-American Sikh writer and lecturer on "spiritual science" who was involved in an important legal battle over the rights of Indians to obtain U. It left Yokohama on May 3 with its complement of 376 passengers and sailed into Burrard Inlet, near Vancouver, on May 23.

The Indian Nationalist revolutionaries Barkatullah and Bhagwaan Singh Giani met with the ship en route.

The next day the Vancouver newspaper The Sun reported: "Howling masses of Hindus showered policemen with lumps of coal and bricks ... The government also mobilized HMCS Rainbow, a Royal Canadian Navy ship under the command of Commander Hose, with troops from the 11th Regiment "Irish Fusiliers of Canada", 72nd Regiment "Seaforth Highlanders of Canada", and the 6th Regiment "The Duke of Connaught's Own Rifles".

In the end, only twenty passengers were admitted to Canada, since the ship had violated the exclusion laws, the passengers did not have the required funds, and they had not sailed directly from India.His aim was to help his compatriots whose previous journeys to Canada had been blocked.

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