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Please use good judgment as responsible adults when choosing names for holidays and remember that even a young person can see these names on the home page.Overly suggestive or improper names should not be used.Both of these moves will generate revenue, though whether they can translate We Chat’s fame into fortune remains to be seen.International expansion As Tencent turns to plans to monetize We Chat, it also continues to engage in a heated competition for global supremacy in the mobile messaging app realm.Despite the favorable conditions for growth created by Tencent, We Chat has faced its fair share of challenges, including two behemoths in the Chinese Internet realm: 1) China’s powerful state-owned telecom operators, who were upset that their SMS fees were being eroded by We Chat’s free Internet messaging system; and 2) the wildly popular Sina Weibo, a Chinese social networking platform with over 500 million registered users. • Now world’s largest smartphone market, can China produce a top global brand?• China and Cybersecurity: The Other Side of the Story • China’s E-Commerce Market Grows in Size, Importance and Dynamism • The Significance of Amazon Appstore’s launch in China • China’s Reaction to NSA Surveillance Gives Microsoft Reason to Worry So far, so good.Whatever your chat name is we would like to offer the following advice about some types of chat names. Names like this at times are used to trick and trap.

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We may have to approach some individuals who misuse names for harmful deception which they try to justify as harmless fun. In our terms of service you are reminded that we reserve the right to reject or delete any name that might be racist, offensive or obscene.

If the name is used as a lurking name or to taunt lisa then it is clearly stated in the Terms of Service as a violation.