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The "vapor canopy" nonsense was cleanly dispatched in 1983, when Soroka and Nelson pointed out that a vapor canopy containing the amount of water necessary for a flood would result in an atmospheric pressure 840X the current one (not 2X) containing 99.9% water vapor (not 30% oxygen). Frank Steiger, at his web site points out that a 43,000 mile-"high" vapor canopy would have been required to produce the water needed to flood the earth.

Let's see how well those big dragonflies fly under those conditions. The pre-"flood" earth would have been in total darkness. I suppose those are the only two ways to take a look at it.

Atmospheric scientist Richard Turco notes that "At higher oxygen concentrations (perhaps 30% or more of air) vegetation becomes explosively combustible, so combustion would act to limit the build up of oxygen" (Turco 1997).

This gives a whole new meaning to the biblical metaphor of the "burning bush".

Just not enough oxygen; and not enough air pressure.

MS: Were you always of a strong Christian faith, first of all? I certainly believed in evolution and I believed the earth was, you know, billions of years old, and, you know, believed the dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. MS: You don't believe the dinosaurs lived millions of years ago? Please see , a comprehensive, well-written website dealing with dinosaurs and other Mesozoic creatures. When they drill into them, they find out the air bubbles are 30% oxygen. [snip] Dinosaurs are interesting, or confusing, to scientists, I should say, because they have very small nostrils. Well, today, they probably couldn't survive in our environment, but I think before the flood came, in the days of Noah, the earth had double the atmospheric pressure, and there are several reasons for all of this, and 30% oxygen.Hovind is considered to be "one of the foremost authorities on science and the Bible" only in his own promotional materials. When a scientist recently put forth a specific proposal, Hovind backed down from this 0,000 amount, to a mere 00. But dinosaurs are just big lizards that lived with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.Additionally, he will not divulge who his "independent judges" are. So I now speak about 700 times per year all over the world on this topic. The Bible teaches that before the flood came, the people lived to be more than 900 years old. Notice that Hovind makes no effort to explain what Siegel asked, nor does he provide evidence that supports his assertion that dinosaurs are "just big lizards".And under those conditions the people would certainly live longer, and be healthier. They have to absorb it, and the larger an animal gets, the more problems he has with the surface area/volume ratio.

[snip] Today insects are limited on how big they can get based upon the air pressure. So that a giant insect, like the spider that ate NYC in the movies is, you know, just not possible. However, if you double the air pressure and increase the oxygen supply, they could certainly get a lot larger.As a scientist familiar with Hovind's material, I was interested in what he would present on the air, and how he would deal with questions from the audience. As a child, I grew up watching a TV cartoon show called Rocky and Bullwinkle.

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