Humorous dating contract

04-Aug-2017 03:35

I was looking for a story that would allow the construction of the idea of a forum and I happened across deepemerald's "My secret life" story.

Though it wasn't fully a cheating wives story, the protagonist clearly cheated on her husband and probably had her lover's child.

He had come over to our offices to discuss some details of the contract.

I'd left them in the board room while I gathered the necessary documents and information.

My Rosy was a stripper, a high class call girl and at one point live-in mistress of Ray.

While that bit of history was upsetting enough, what made it worse was what Tom Pritchard laughingly told his colleague that his wife, Mrs Pritchard, had overheard.

There was a predatory gleam of smug triumph in his eyes that didn't escape me.

Getting screwed over is never pleasant and coping with the situation and even the aftermath is pretty much the same.

What I heard on that recording was confirmation of my suspicions.