Internet dating serial killer meme

16-Nov-2017 11:23

The Nebraska senator joked that he was wearing a T-shirt suggesting Oswald, the man convicted of assassinating President John F Kennedy, was framed.

And amazingly, after all this time, that was what caused Cruz to break his silence on the Zodiac Killer.

The joke reached its peak during the 2016 Republican primaries, with Cruz spending a lot of time in the spotlight.

But on Wednesday night he acknowledged the joke for the first time, and killed one of the truly great memes.

People have always engaged in assortative mating of some kind or another, but as social scientist Charles Murray explains in his book “Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960–2010,” there was a shift to a particular type of mating in the ‘60s which continues through the present day.As it turns out, #MAGA is the ultimate anaphrodisiac; red hats are becoming the new “tiger pic” of Tinder.However, in getting things half right, author Jarrod Laber manages to be absurdly wrong at the same time.But despite being aware of the joke, and ignoring it publicly until this point, it was a tweet by Republican senator Ben Sasse that caused Cruz to acknowledge it for the first time.

Sasse had tweeted about accidentally spilling a drink in Cruz’s lap during a Senate hearing, to which someone responded “if I were sitting with the son of the guy who killed Kennedy I might do worse than spill some Dr Pepper” – referencing an old claim by Trump about Cruz’s father having known Lee Harvey Oswald.

One of the underlying themes of Laber’s complaints about assortative mating is that this came about because of the increase in rights and opportunities for women.

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