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at the same time as doing this, the voltage at the base of Q1 is continues to fall to the switch off point.

This works because both the primary and P1 are centre tapped, with the centre being ground. Always us an AC flyback transformer not a new DC type.

Make sure your flyback is ferrite cored and is gapped as this is what helps to set up the resonance.

And lastly, If you add a spark gap to the secondary output, the circuit becomes safe to use even when your grounded as high frequency, high voltage with ultra low amps is the only thing that can pass the gap.

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This is caused by the switching times being set by the saturation of P1 (A, B).This circuit looks good, but I think its incorrect to claim it as "high frequency". To do this, you need very high frequency that matches the resonance of the coil.Also, this circuit is very dangerous because the pulse durations are so long.Modern DDS (direct digital synthesis) function generators are able to provide a wide variety of signals.

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Today's basic units are capable of sine, square, and triangle outputs from less than 1 Hz to at least 1 MHz, with variable amplitude and adjustable DC offset.

A super high frequency circuit with very short duty cycle (Pulse ON time of less than 50 microseconds) is much safer and will even be far more powerful.