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The F-16 collided with a USAF Lockheed C-130E Hercules (68-10942) at an altitude of 300 feet. Both F-16 pilots ejected, but the airplane crashed onto the taxiway.It skidded into the loading C-141, puncturing the fuel tanks in the right wing, causing a massive fire.The F­35 has no plausible use for defending Vermonters or anyone else.In town meetings Vermont towns and cities voted overwhelmingly against the war in Iraq and that the best way to support our troops is to bring them home now.

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Under that rule of thumb provided in the EIS we can consider that the first 10d B of the 21d B is perceived as a doubling of the loudness from the F-16 level.

The EIS explains the difference between three concepts: sound level, sound intensity, and perceived loudness Here are the numbers and explanation, all from the EIS: Table BR3.2-1 on page BR4-18 of the EIS gives the Lmax for the F-16C and the F-35A Lmax is the maximum sound level for takeoff: Lmax is 94d BA for the F-16 and 115d BA for the F-35, a difference of 21 d BA for landing: Lmax is 73d BA for the F-16 and 95d BA for the F-35, a difference of 22 d BA The second volume of the EIS explains on page C6 that d BA is an adjustment made to the measurement to correspond to the frequency sensitivity of the human ear.

Pages C5 and C6 explain how sound level is related to sound intensity and perceived loudness.

Lieutenant Colonel Eric Butterbaugh of the Air Force, a department spokesman, said they do not want to deny information on a potential success or failure that might help an attacker.” Clearinghouse for Vermont residents to STOP the F-35 The Air Force presentation on the F-35 at the South Burlington City Council Meeting last April: Excellent blog by Juliet Buck devoted to the topic of the F-35 in South Burlington: Vermonters say Stop the F-35!

We demand that Senator Patrick Leahy, Senator Bernie Sanders, Congressman Peter Welch and Governor Peter Shumlin halt plans to station the F-35 stealth bombers at the Vermont Air National Guard base in South Burlington. By the Air Force’s own estimates twice as loud as the F­16.The human ear perceives that 126 times more intense, or higher pressure, sound as being more than four times louder.

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