Is ozzy from survivor dating anyone

25-Aug-2017 17:44

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O: The only real regret I have is not [having] the potential to have played with Sandra.But then again, Sandra is such a dangerous player that, she said in her exit that she would have been on my side but you try and trust the people you have the longest relationship with in the game. I put too much trust in, what I thought was a pretty solid alliance and I should have known that people were going to try to make big moves as a game-changing season.Or vice versa, how have your survivor skills helped you in the court room? And just being in interviews and tribal council teaches you how to have a succinct persuasive argument prepared and you need to present it and be on your feet.Playing the game and interacting with other survivors teaches you a lot about how to stay in other people’s good graces.I was pitching myself like I did at tribal council, to Brad, Cirie, Sierra, telling them how I was a dumb vote, pull the numbers in right now.I told them, ‘Hey, if we just get Debbie and Aubrey, we have this thing.’ I mean, I was scrambling for my life that day and that didn’t come out. I was shocked, stunned and just perplexed that I was about to go home because someone actually thought I had an idol. But maybe they really did think that I had an idol. SB: Are there any moves that you wish you had made or any regret that you now have looking back on this, watching the episode as it was edited?AB: What was your strategy coming into this game compared to the last time you played? SB: To be honest, you didn’t really seem too surprised that you got voted out. H: I didn’t know it was coming until after the merge and pretty much the last day that I was on the game.

O: The best part about watching it months and months later is [that] you forget all the pain and all of the uncomfortable feelings and you just, kind of, get back there and remember how incredibly beautiful this world is and how just insanely beautiful the location, we were out in Fiji.Now looking back, I was more on the outs than I thought, I thought Cirie was on the outs, but I don’t know what would have happened if we had gone to tribal that night but I think that I really could have turned the tides if I’d done that, but I didn’t. I love being on the hot seat and having to argue a case. Usually the decisions are made by the time you get there.AB: What’s your favorite part of the game overall, looking back? SB: Do you think any of your skills as an attorney have translated over into your playing of Survivor? The last time I went on I had just passed the bar, I wasn’t even sworn in yet.Let’s throw out Ozzy.” It’s just so painful because [I] basically caught fish and kept Debbie in the game the entire time and all she has to do is decide on a whim to get rid of me and that’s it.

SB: Your final message to them at the end saying, : “Good luck eating” was quite a burn. Or were they hurting themselves getting you out much earlier than I think many people anticipated?

One of the worst things is watching the people that you thought were your friends/allies just treat you like a pawn and are willing to throw all of the work that you did, up until that point, just throw it away because they decide to be a mini dictator for a day.