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The Sanhedrin decided to arrest him, and sent messengers to invite him to Jerusalem. Bound before Queen Helen, the sages accused him of sorcery. Using God’s name he made birds of clay and caused them to fly.

When he brought a corpse to life, she released him. The sages then got Judah Iskarioto to learn the name.

In 1681 Wagenseil, a professor at the University of Altdorf, published a Hebrew text of the Toledot Yeshu with a Latin translation, in a book titled "Satan's Flaming Arrow" (Tela Ignea Satanae).

The first section treats Jesus's life; later sections deal with the exploits of his apostles.

For instance, the Toledot refers to Christian festivals and observances that only originated after the 4th century.

It is unlikely that one person is the author, since the narrative itself has a number of different versions, which differ in terms of the story details and the attitude towards the central characters.

At a contest of miracles between the two, they both lost knowledge of the name.

When Yohanan came later to see her, she was surprised how strange his behavior was.

Significantly, the Toledot seems to know (though sometimes only superficially) of the miracles of the canonical Gospels, and does not deny their occurrence, but instead attributes them to Yeshu's use of Egyptian magic, or his misuse of the secret Divine Name - though not to diabolical influences.

though Celsus himself may have picked up this detail from a Jewish source.

[This booklet] should be shown only to people of discretion, for one never knows what the morrow may bring. I copied it from three different pamphlets from three different countries, not just one, The contents of all these pamphlets were identical, except that I wrote it in the language of prudence [- namely, Hebrew, because Gentiles do not understand it].

Among the versions of the Toledot, the version published by Johann Christian Wagenseil is perhaps the most prominent.Miriam gave birth to Yeshua, whose name later depreciated to Yeshu.

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