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Registry policies allow for rapid takedown of non-compliant domains, for violations including imposturous registration of another's names, and proscribed uses, including pornography or adult services/applications.An epidemic sweeps through the Roman Empire until 270, killing 5,000 of Rome’s citizens each day during the epidemic’s peak, including the Emperor Claudius in 270.

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Originally intended for use by domains pointing to a distributed network of computers, or "umbrella" sites that act as the portal to a set of smaller websites.

These are usually domains that arrive from native name of the country (e.g. Commonly used for academic websites, such as universities.

However, is not to be confused with the official academic domains used by several countries such as the United Kingdom (uk), India (in) or Indonesia (id).

AQ domain names are available to government organizations who are signatories to the Antarctic Treaty and to other registrants who have a physical presence in Antarctica.

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Australian territory: not to be confused with Cocos islands in Guam.

It attained a peak population of several million, before its overtaxed environment failed to support the population.

Rob Thompson an entrepreneur from Australia says that he started the Afro because it was difficult to tell who was truly interested in interracial relationships on conventional sites. Berkeley research indicates that although black women were much more likely than their white counterparts to contact someone of another race, they still primarily sought to contact black men.… continue reading »

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Because of last year's amazing performance with the Wonder Girls and Big Bang, people are really looking forward to this one. Also on MBC Gayo Daejun, Park Jin Young and 2PM will have a dance battle.… continue reading »

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Later in 2009, it was rumored that Shane was having an affair with his Once and Again co-star Rachel Wood as well as he was linked up with Alicia Zacharkiewicz.… continue reading »

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