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A passage that is remarkably similar to Portnoy appears in my review of Yuri Slezkine’s The migration of the Jews to the urban centers of the USSR is a critical aspect of Slezkine’s presentation, but it strains credulity to suppose that these migrants threw off, completely and immediately, all remnants of the Eastern European shtetl culture which, Slezkine acknowledges, had a deep sense of estrangement from non-Jewish culture, and in particular a fear and hatred of peasants resulting from the traditional economic relations between Jews and peasants and exacerbated by the long and recent history of anti-Jewish pogroms carried out by peasants.

Traditional Jewish shtetl culture also had a very negative attitude toward Christianity, not only as the central cultural icon of the outgroup but as associated in their minds with a long history of anti-Jewish persecution.

This would be especially the case if the women are very attractive and sought after in the game of intra-male sexual competition, such as movie stars.

Of course much of this narrative is false and exaggerated, but the point is that this “lachrymose” version of Jewish history is entirely mainstream among Jews and a cornerstone of Jewish education and Jewish self-conception.And he harassed women not necessarily to use them as instruments of his pleasure, but to use them as instruments of his power.

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As Denise stuck her head in the door and flashed me a smile with her luscious lips, I noticed that it was just past . Denise had recused herself from me so that I could try and get work done, I was sure of it. As I looked into her eyes she smiled a little and said reassuringly "it'll be ok, we'll get through this." The 'we' part did make me feel better. Not only was I having an affair with my secretary, but I was going to become another man's mistress. … continue reading »

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