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12-Oct-2017 04:57

But isn't following the Rules acting fake, asked some? As the Rules Girls commented that most “girls” are eager to “get married and have babies,” Pinchuk rolled her eyes and said quietly, “Maybe in a few years.

Not right away.” The Rules Girls fiercely stood their ground when pummeled with questions – and grandstanding speeches masqueraded as questions – from indignant audience members who accused them of being manipulative. ” demanded Fein, when a 30-something woman announced that she had broken all the rules and is now happily married.

He joked that a forthcoming book might be called “Sex in the Synagogue.” At the same time, the heavily made-up, tanned and now-married Jewish ladies were eager to promote the various offshoots of their book, including online “Rules” support groups and 0 per-half-hour phone consultations.

Since it was Wednesday night, Fein – the bottle-blonde half of the duo – started the event by reminding women that this was the deadline for accepting any weekend dates.

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I dry my curly hair until it's long on my back, paint my eyes with brown pencil.“If he calls Friday night and asks you out for Saturday night, tell him no, invite him to go to synagogue with you instead,” he urged, to applause. starting time – Boteach appeared to come out the winner with the 800 audience members.