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That seems to be all that his new attitude is getting him in the beginning of this season.For example, when we last saw him doing a food drop at the werepanther settlement, Hotshot, it ends with an ambush and Jason trapped in a freezer.

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Ryan Kwanten, or Jason Stackhouse to fans of HBO's True Blood, is a television and film actor, who like some of his fellow Aussie actors, has made a move from Television Down Under to the Hollywood limelight.

Kwanten will play Steve Hammond, son of Tom Hammond (Bean) and the leader of a cop gang, The Ravens.

A cool, pragmatic, reluctant leader with the mind and instincts of a shrewd tactician, Hammond is a survivor–a natural protector who values taking care of those closest to him, his family, his team.

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky—Chris Hemsworth is busy shooting Thor, but he’s also apparently had time to start dating sexy Spanish model and actress Elsa Pataky. Ryan received a breakthrough award, along with fellow Aussie Chris Hemsworth, and Bella received the Heath Ledger Scholarship.

She’s currently in Cannes looking glam and the pair attended Liam Hemsworth’s premiere of The Last Song together in March. Elsa also dated Oscar-winner Adrien Brody for two years, but they split last May. After the soiree in Beverly Hills, Ryan and Bella went to Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, where they were photographed leaving arm-in-arm.This is a real season of where the young boy turns into a man.