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Man 3: If the guy takes care of himself there should be no issues whatsoever... One thing I've noticed is sometimes a woman will pull back way too hard and it hurts... If there are issues with cleanliness just get him to take better care of himself. Tell him to pull it back when he pees, and if necessary clean with toilet paper after. What’s a misconception that you want to clear up about being uncircumcised?

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Man 2: They usually find out because I tell them after the fact.How do your partners usually react when they find out you’re uncircumcised?Man 1: There has never been any shock value or hesitation once they find out — and to be perfectly honest, I don’t have a lot of extra skin down there, so it’s "neat" in that sense.Also I've heard horror stories about botched circumcisions.

I don't think I'd ever be able to forgive my parents if they decided to have me circumcised and I wound up with a raggedy-looking penis as a result. What advice do you have for a woman who has started hooking up with an uncircumcised guy for the first time?

Man 3: [The woman who didn’t know, mentioned above, was the best reaction] She had no idea I wasn't and was so embarrassed. Besides that I see absolutely no reason to get it done.