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05-Nov-2017 18:14

But there’s no doubt the film has its problems, and I’m not just talking about a slight surfeit of speeding snowmobiles.

The first comes with a knock on a door and suddenly we’re into an extended flashback that, one suspects, is destined to reveal all.

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On the big screen it’s a combination that’s worked – often famously well – for the likes of Fargo, Insomnia and The Frozen Ground, while on TV this snowy offshoot of Scandi-noir is fast becoming a genre of its own thanks to the success of series such as Trapped and Fortitude.But you can’t help but feel that the time for scary clowns has been and gone.The Vault is one of those films that have no right to be as good as they are, given that it is that most unlikely of genre-defying hybrids – the bank robbery film with added, er… The opening is particularly strong, telling us that a bank robbery and subsequent siege have gone horribly wrong.But I can only assume Tim Curry’s performance as the old clown-faced demon, Pennywise, was a lot scarier than the one rendered here by Bill Skarsgard.

If he wasn’t prone to suddenly biting off sweet little boys’ arms, this Pennywise really wouldn’t be frightening at all.

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that major drama that will turn Port Charles upside down is brewing thanks to Carly (Laura Wright) and Bobbie (Jackyln Zeman).