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Ben Matlock was going out as he entered, a lawyer who was a courtroom fixture.“The Accused” kicks off the season with a double episode. She claims self-defense and needs to get Matlock to clear her name.Supporting female characters sometimes wear skimpy outfits, and, in at least one bar scene, perform exotic dances in bras and thongs.Seemingly trustworthy characters often turn out to be enemies, and Matlock and his associates occasionally lie or trick people into giving up information.Matlock needs to prove that the guy wasn’t trying to do it right the second time.

A radio DJ gets murdered in “Dead Air.” The prime suspect is his on air partner.Abe Simpson made it sound like Matlock was playing when he returned from the war.The show merely started in 1986 and had the final gavel hit in 1995.“The Confession” does return Julie March (Julie Sommars) to the courtroom.

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She needs advice from Matlock on how to free a man from jail.They insane O’Quinn kills Matlock’s pal to prove it. There are several NCAA coaches wishing they could eliminate annoying alumni that think they can call plays from their front row seats.