Men vs women dating

14-Jan-2018 17:50

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It wasn’t obvious anyway—I’ve met straighter guys who acted more gay than he did. Then I experimented with a guy and it felt more natural. It’s so much easier for me to meet men than women.” “Do you catch or pitch? “You know it sucks when you’re gay because only one guy is getting the pleasure.” “I like to receive, but you know what… Guys who concluded that these girls are not worth the effort, and that they rather get banged in the butt than deal with them or figure them out. These guys are withdrawing themselves from the dating market, making it even harder for the educated middle-class American woman to find a partner with the same socioeconomic background as her own.

Did my gaydar fail yet again like it did really late at night with that Colombian guy? He eventually told me, “Dude, I’m gay,” as if he was annoyed I didn’t figure it out on my own. Mmmm very very good.” “Okay I’m going to watch some porn on my computer now.” Let’s put his story through the Roosh Translator™: “I was tired of being a virgin.” How many men are there in America whose failure with women made them “realize” they were a homosexual? These are guys too disillusioned with the American female to put the game work needed to penetrate their holes. And how many others put their cock in a lockbox until they can fly away to bang foreign pussy?

We tend to operate under the assumption that the opposite sex's behavior in a given situations is always informed by a rational understanding of the relevant factors: what you want, what he wants, what really matters in a relationship, etc.

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I've dated countless women and it has always amazed me how little they know about men.

They work too hard to get her off, and in the end, fail to satisfy her in the more important way: by enjoying her, and letting her be the object of his (as one reader called it) "hurricanes of desire." This misconception manifests itself in things like his performance of obsequious oral sex, his listening to you when you tell him to "come now" (rather than being authentic and coming when it happens naturally), or in general listening to how you tell him to fuck you. [Before everyone starts jumping down my throat for this one: I am well-aware that women love having an orgasm during sex.