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01-Nov-2017 06:45

When you multiply the impact of this scenario across all of the BPUs in an enterprise, it becomes apparent that productivity decreases, resources become overtaxed, costs increase, and other potential business opportunities may be postponed or missed.

Although it’s difficult to accurately calculate all of the costs of this traditional testing approach, the total cost can become substantial.

Microsoft IT developed a streamlined, sample-based, targeted testing program for their portfolio of LOB applications.

The program focuses on testing only the business-critical applications identified by the BPUs and uses the results of these tests to determine if other similar applications (with shared code or similar design structure) need to be tested.

Successful enterprises make significant investments in technology to facilitate business processes.These people maintain the apps, make changes and any necessary updates, and test those applications on a regular schedule to ensure they continue to work as required.When a new technology or product—such as operating system (OS), productivity tools, or Internet browser—is deployed across the global organization, BPU testers must interrupt their internal maintenance and release schedules to perform the necessary testing to ensure those applications are compatible with the new technology (App Compat testing).Microsoft refers to these business segments as Business Process Units (BPUs).

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For each BPU, there is a person or team of people responsible for the applications used to support the functions of the BPU.

With an environment that uses multiple versions of operating systems, web browsers, development tools, productivity applications, etc., ensuring that these essential applications operate consistently and predictably can be challenging.

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