Mumsnet internet dating

30-Oct-2017 05:42

We live in an age of oversharing, and as a result, most people think they’ve heard it all.

So when one woman recently shared a story of a particular sex habit, the outraged reaction she received said a lot.

A spokesperson at said: “We have measures in place to ensure our display adverts appear alongside appropriate content.

It takes a lot to shock people on the internet nowadays.

George will act as page boy, while his younger sister will be a bridesmaid for her aunt, Kensington Palace confirmed.

Kensington Palace also stated that Pippa will be marrying Spencer Matthews' brother on May 20.

Many people gave her a sharp dressing down: “You clearly have no sense of boundaries and lack maturity,” wrote one person.

Another was concerned about the youths that could possibly catch the couple, saying: “It doesn't make it ok for you to w*nk off just because the CHILD is 15.” As well as telling the woman to stop, many people revealed they’d reported her.

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" This is not he first time Kate has been linked to Mumsnet, after the site’s co-founder Justine Roberts joked that she was a member back in February.

"Kate has turned to websites like Mumsnet and Baby Centre for guidance," a source said.

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