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He’s having the time of his life and for the briefest of moments, I’m glad I’ve seen Beyond Skyline. Since I’m flying this crate, I am the pilot (Brooski), but that leaves me with six crewmembers to assign.

I am going to randomly choose names from the Quarter to Three thread about the game, entitled “Bomber Crew – FTL WWII,” even though it is totally not like FTL in any way except that in both games you are running from the Galactic Federation.

“You’re the stupidest fucking monster I’ve ever seen in my life,” he says, laughing.

After all that, you’ll have your gun in the upcoming game, assuming the game releases while you’re still alive. This almost ends in disaster as both the electrical and hydraulic systems go out pretty much on takeoff, then I get so absorbed in fixing them that I tag the first wave of fighters late, and then I compound it by not getting Left_Empty into the bombardier’s station fast enough to open the bomb bay doors in time to hit the target on the first pass. Fortunately, I get things together fast enough to swing back and hit the target, and Rich VR does stellar work fixing the engine once the fire dies down and makes the engine kaput (shown).Ark: Survival Evolved is now an Xbox Play Anywhere title.The dino-taming survival game has launched on the Windows Store with Xbox cross-play compatibility and is part of the Play Anywhere program.He sheepishly turned to Pilot Officer Brooski and told him the bad news, staying off the intercom so that Rich VR, who was becoming known on board as kind of the wiseacre of the crew, didn’t make up some awful play on words involving his name.

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“I guess you sure left that bomb bay empty, eh Left_Empty!

Everyone knows the scene in Despicable Me when Agnes sees the stuffed unicorn at the carnival booth. So the Steve Carell mad scientist character has to win it for her by blowing up the booth. Not the precious cuteness of “it’s so fluffy I’m gonna die”.

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