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13-Jul-2017 16:37

It helps put things in perspective and knowing you're not actually alone in what you're going through. Thank you for your kind words Michelle I am very sorry for your losses and agree that any premature death is devastating whatever the circumstances I have had so much loss in my life the death of my beloved daughter followed my lovely fathers death six years ago I take a little comfort from the thought that he is looking after her they were very close and she asked for her ashes to be scattered in a place where he used to take her for walks as a child.

It helps just to write down some of my thoughts here as I find it impossible to talk to family or friends I think they think it gets easier with time but it hasn't so far I will keep coming back to this forum thank you again for your kindness take care Hi Wendy Sorry to hear about the lost of your daughter.

My niece was stillborn in September and it was heart wrenching, you imagine who that baby was going to become without even starting their life.

Then my Dad was taken in October age, 64, again far too early in my eyes.

I see so many posts from people who have lost parents and partners to cancer but nothing from bereaved parents.

I am struggling to cope with my grief I have two other daughters who need me to be strong I am divorced and am supporting a male friend who has just had his third liver resection for secondary bowel cancer.