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Their texts (or lack of them) don’t reflect our worth.If the gap between pressing send and receiving a reply is triggering anxiety, halt.We’ll find ourselves increasingly reliant on texting and will use it as a measure of our worth.We may even find ourselves accepting (and inflating) crumbs from certain people and over-responding, or even slipping into a fantasy relationship because these texts are providing a distraction from other aspects of our life that we’re avoiding.

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Yes, if we’re getting to know someone, fairly prompt responses – so within a day – is ideal, but we need to ensure that we’re not holding our breath and suddenly basing our existence around whether we’re going to hear from this person or playing text tennis in the first place. Obviously if someone isn’t replying at all, that’s an issue and if generally speaking, they tend to take forever and a day to reply and it’s coupled with other symptoms of an imbalanced relationship, that’s a problem.

In fact, we might not expect the fast reply at all.