Outlook 2016 hangs on updating inbox

22-Jun-2017 23:13

outlook 2016 hangs on updating inbox-10

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To update the driver manually, follow this guidance.

The only other solution for it not working is to return it and purchase a different reader.

" (another user found it in the Internet Explorer folder).

Copy it into C:\Program Files\Activ Identity\Activ Client\.

You will have to use the same CAC you used to logon to the computer the last you time you logged into it on the network.

This is due to the way your credentials are cached on the computer.

Solution 2-10: You may be trying to login to your computer with your FASC-N (16 digit) certificate rather than your EDI-PI (10 digit) certificate, select the certificate that is only 10 digits long instead of 16 digits.

Mac users who have purchased the IO Gear GSR-202, GSR-202V, or GSR-203 CAC readers may have problems.

Windows 7 (64 bit) users who have the IO Gear GSR-202 CAC reader [and are having problems with the reader not staying in device manager after the computer is restarted] should Install the driver from IOGear then restart the computer to fix the problem.