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I stepped forward and sprayed my Grans tits with cum. If I tried to clean her up she might wake up and catch me.I decided that the best thing to do was to let the semen dry on her body. After about 15 minutes I called her name, no response.I reached down and rubbed her pussy and I could feel her getting very wet.Her fat pussy lips were moist and swollen; her hard clit peeked out from underneath her hood, throbbing with excitement.My granny went into an old folks home because she was getting on a bit ( 92 years old and my Grandfather had just died a few months ago,) so it was better for her and safer if she went into care.I can tell that this was very hard for her to deal with.She had a small mound of Greyish pubic hair, not too thick, and her pussy smelled really good, nice and musky, ready for some cock.I started to suck on her tits for a little while, and then positioned myself between her legs. It felt so goddam good to be fucking this elderly nymph.

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I can’t tell you how many times I had to run to the bathroom to stroke my aching cock, the images of big, sagging tits, and juicy granny asses on my mind the whole time.and a few blue veins But her nipples were larger than normal nipples I’d seen, and red and I gently kissed them and being daring had a suck of one which went erect!She seemed to be in a deep hands roamed all over her body.Just a note for updates: Monday 25th Dec – Christmas Day (Archive Updates ONLY! As seasonal changes have an affect on WW submissions, NOW is a great time to get submitting your pictures or movies. 11th December 2017 - I have been a member for years, then my gf and I joined the Clubhouse. Recently we tried logging in, were told password was incorrect (it always worked before) so we reset the password. Today tried loggong in again and again were told 'password incorrect'.

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) Tuesday 26th Dec – Boxing Day (Archive Updates ONLY! You have MORE chance of winning as competiton is quiet at the moment. Check out our WINNERS page linked below to see where you have your best shot and taking home some cash! Try doing Ravens Red Hot Interview whist uploading your submission. Whilst uploading to Watchersweb and awaiting your feedback and votes is fun, there are a lot more ways in which you can get your submissions out there. I entered the room and saw that Gran was asleep and clad in a bathrobe that had fallen open at the top to expose her breasts. I carefully moved one lapel aside to expose a nipple. I gently lifted the other lapel and moved it aside to expose the other nipple. Just as I had always suspected, her tits were a work of art. My heart was beating really fast By then, my cock was so hard that it hurt.

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