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03-Sep-2017 15:12

It's fine if you were, I know youhave them.”David nodded, bringing a smile to Carol's face. Her smell was also stimulating and David's naked cock grew under thesheet.

She leaned forward again, reached under thepillow, and grabbed the magazine. Carol looked at the magazine and saw that it featured very curvy mature women. She noticed that his eyes were straying down to her chest.

Her hands strayednear it but moved away before making contact, teasing the boy.

She noticed a bottle of lotion on hisnight stand and grabbed it.

“Here, let mommy help you.”Carol's eyes surveyed her son's naked torso.

He was tan and lean without a hair on his perfectframe.

Her eyes were on his throbbing, lotioncoatederection.

Her hands continued up until they found his smooth balls and she began gentlymassaging them.“Spread your legs for me baby,” she said, easing his thighs apart. I take care of you and you don't fuck any of those school girls, right?

Her motions caused one shoulder strap to slidedown, exposing the top of her left breast.And she clearly wasn't wearing a bra.“Did you enjoy what we did today? David nodded and tried not to look at herboobs.“If we're going to make this work we have to get comfortable with expressing our thoughts toone another,” she said, as she leaned forward and brushed the hair from his forehead.“Tell mesomething, were you looking at a girly magazine before I came in? He barely made eye contact and left the table within five minutesafter hardly touching his food.

Carol was concerned she'd made a big mistake but sincerely believedthe ends justified the admittedly extraordinary means.She did not want an air of tension to pervadethe house so she decided to clear the air immediately. When she pushed the door open she saw him hide whatwas obviously a porn magazine under his pillow.