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11-Oct-2017 22:14

i also came to the US when i was seven and listened to shit like Shai’s song “if i ever fall in love” on repeat.

i memorized this song and i remember singing “if i say that i could be your one and only/ promise that you’ll never leave me lonely” in my learning to speak english 8 year old tongue.

i was surrounded by this shit and still am.i get it, the way relationships are modeled today are fucked and i don’t want to participate in them either.

but for some of us that shit, the fucked up relationship shit that we grew up with doesn’t go away when we decide to date, love or fuck multiple people.

Source And a response from Anonymous, very important:“Hey, one thing your infographic on polyamory leaves out is actually the relationship that caused me to have an aversion to it.

You have a situation where one of the people wants the person to choose but I knew a girl who basically forced two people to do it because she couldn’t decide which one to date.

i had to do all of that, 5 years of polyamory to realize that it isn’t for me.

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i wasn’t getting my needs met often either which intensified my fear.

but i kept thinking if this is what freedom feels then maybe i am not meant to be free.