Rain and sung hye kyo dating 2016

30-Jul-2017 16:34

Those sad getting married need realize actors, actresses and singers in entertainment industry can marry what expect them to be single with no kids? plz plz visit in india #your fans and lovers are waiting? wishing the both songs' a happy married life, I always knew dat it ws going to come to reality so so happy for u healthy n have more babies☺?

U sure are a gifted actor Sir, who performs naturally. Song Joong Ki is extremely handsome and great acting skills. And now I have become a total fan girl of this guy. I am currently watching SKKS and you are just freaking amazing as Yeorim. DESPITE of show dubbed in hindi i saw korean version to hear your voice. I saw u firstly in my life nd i lov ur acting ur way of talking .... Me and my family excitedly watching descendants of the sun. Song Joong Ki can portray Captain Yoo very well, it's like two different people between Song Joong Ki and Captain Yoo Si Jin. I haven't completed your movie and I already have a big crush on you... His name is Ji Chang Wook I love u sjk but I can't resist loving him more because he deserves it too When I first saw Soong Jong Ki in the movie Descendants of the Sun i was like.. sarang heyo OPPA words cant even begin to describe..i literally almost fell in love with you...i almost flew to korea just to see you..goodness your role in innocent man as kang maroo is unforgettable..are just so damn charming.handsome,cute and beautiful..i love your looks complimented by your you song joong were also good in DOTSbut as for me i fell for you in innocent man...waiting for more of your dramas..up the good work,,,and the good looks I can't move on with the DOTS specially the Song Song Couple. Specially on the character you portrayed in DOTS and the nice guy (innocent man). You're really a great actor, elite in your own craft. For me, DOTS wouldn't be as successful as it is if you're not the one who portray Yo Shi- Ji because your looks plus the guts you added on it makes you more adorable and the story exciting. as expected since i saw him in sungkyungkwan scandal :) he gonna be a good actor in the future, and see? love your expression through your eyes especially in a werewolf boy hope the best for your acting career :) I love you song Jung ki... its my life's dream to meet u ,you are so charming so much. Don't know how many times I have watched it over & over again ..still it feels like let's go one more time... thats why i love him and really love his character too. The bettleship Island When I saw his drama for the first time I fall in love with his looks acting everything That drama was descendants of the sun I watched it after watching werewolf boy movie where I liked him As I stated liking him I also watched Innocent man . Later I watched a kdrama named healer and fall in love with other actor now who is way more handsome , manly and hot . #saranghyeo oh my god mr.joongki u r so cool,amazing,charming,handsome,cute and most of all the way u smile.... u know what i pray to god that someday i will become an actress ah famous actress and i will go to korea to meet you.. u totally stole my heart in innocent man and killed me in DOTS. mysterious and deep or cute and lovable yet still mysterious. I'm hoping one day you two (Song Hye Kyu) can be together and get to visit your Filipino fans. Also read : 20 Best Korean Movies of All Time (Up to 2017)Why?

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Because it will always make my heart pounding, and wondered how it goes. yours eyes and smile too..are awesome ...waiting 4 your next Kseries to come... I love this show descendants of the sun& I love song joong ki ......pls telecast season 2 in India .....you a good luck for your future ...you .... I dont know why he can be like that, even back then until now his face didnt different much. Song Joong-Ki is love., Love because everyone who watched his movies and soaps has fall for him., He is one of the reasons why some keep on dreaming to go to south korea.,☺ Song Joong-Ki we wish you more projects for 2017 and years to come., please continue to inspire people., always take care of your health., we love you? i watch almost all your movies but what i love most is "the descendant of the son" ohh. but im pretty sure that it will never happen:) but its okey.... I really hope there would be DOTS 2 or you and "Beauty" (Song Hye Kyo) would do another melodrama together. I like the way that song jong ki play as yu si jin in descendants of the sun, i like the story even the most and i still hope more perform between song jong ki and song hye kyo in the future..me they are the best couple The first i saw Descendants of the sun i was amaze to see this handsome and adorable man.. i hope you have many drama series so that i keep on watching your movies..