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As Conrad (ROMANY MALCO) and Heylia (TONYE PATANO) discuss Marvin's shooting, it becomes clear the Mexicans were not involved.  Conrad has started a rivals' war.While he is initially upset about having to attend Majestic summer school, Shane (ALEXANDER GOULD) quickly becomes interested as his class is given a murder mystery to solve.  But excitement turns to disgust when the answer is revealed as religious propaganda.While doing community service, Silas (HUNTER PARRISH) meets the beautiful, religious Tara Lindman (MARY-KATE OLSEN).Synopsis:  Discovering a trunk full of heroin in her garage, Nancy (MARY-LOUISE PARKER), pleads to U-Turn (PAGE KENNEDY) to back off.  Instead, he brings her along as he pays a threatening visit to Conrad (ROMANY MALCO) and Heylia (TONYE PATANO).

Celia tries to bond with Isabel in her motel room, but the girl calls in Child Protective Services.Synopsis:  Under financial pressure from U-Turn (PAGE KENNEDY), Nancy decides she must obtain a real job.  After getting resume help from Shane (ALEXANDER GOULD), she lands a job working for Sullivan Groff (MATTHEW MODINE).Sullivan is the face of the neighboring faith-based town, Majestic.  When his company and community need help from Agrestic, he proposes a deal to the Agrestic city council.  Doug (KEVIN NEALON) leverages his knowledge to retake his seat on the council." Doing The Backstroke" Episode #3001 Written By: Jenji Kohan Directed By: Craig Zisk Special Guest Star: Zooey Deschanel Guest Star:   Page Kennedy After being threatened by U-Turn (PAGE KENNEDY) and The Armenians, Nancy (MARY-LOUISE PARKER) goes in search of Silas and her hijacked pot.

Meanwhile, Celia (ELIZABETH PERKINS) has Silas (HUNTER PARRISH) arrested for stealing her " Drug Free Zone" signs.  Nancy visits him in jail only to discover that the pot is still in his car – the one that Celia has just driven away in.Later, a DEA agent shows up at her door inquiring about Peter's whereabouts.