Rules for dating an actor

13-Jul-2017 08:07

”) But, really, underneath all of these jokes, we are not only devaluing our profession but, more importantly, ourselves. So, kids and kittens, let’s pause this self-deprecating humor for a brief second and take stock of how “toats awesome” we actually are. No human in their right mind enjoys being turned down more often than not. Please tell me how smart I am.) Not any more than the average person.

But, since when did it become a problem to be a goal oriented person? Many of us have known what we wanted to do with our lives since we were just wee lads and lasses. I’m not even going to touch on the more obvious points of why we are awesome (more empathetic, understanding, experimental, open, romantic, sexual…). She now lives in Los Angeles working part time as an actress, singer, writer, and blogger.

Outsiders will typically answer, “Er, not really, no.” But the dedicated actor – the actor married to their craft and “in love” with their scene partner – will cry out, “Yes! You thought it was drugs, but it’s showmance which leads to drugs which leads to running around half naked shrieking and crying and swearing to kill your beloved or yourself (some actors excuse this behavior by insisting they’re rehearsing a scene out of Romeo and Juliet… Here’s how I personally navigate the showmance experience: When your acting coach tells you to kiss your scene partner to “stimulate the scene” – you do it your scene partner has a girlfriend.

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(Note: actors massage each other often to attain relaxed bodies and voices – perfect and prime for intense acting. When he calls you up after the shoot and asks why you aren’t in his apartment giving him a full body massage, you hang up the phone and thank God you just finished being his scene partner. When your scene partner asks you out for dinner after rehearsal and you’re friends and go get dinner all the time, you say “yes,” knowing you could use the extra time to discuss your scene.) and the example set for us is pretty clear – actors shouldn’t date other actors.I always tell people who ask me about that, “I’m enough drama for any relationship – I don’t need more from someone else.” But I think at the root of that I’m getting to, “I’m too egocentric for any relationship and I don’t need another actor (another egocentric attention-sucking freak) stealing my thunder.” This, however, doesn’t mean other actors aren’t attractive and charming and that a showmance is easy to resist.When you’re a queen and the Mother of Dragons, dating can be hard.

Our favorite Khaleesi, Emilia Clarke, knows this to be true.

Chastain's decision to keep her personal life private doesn't just stop with her love life, however.

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