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05-Jul-2017 21:57

Without adversity, we tend to cruise right along in the status quo.It's not until something shakes the foundations of our life that we wake up to the need for a paradigm shift. " I mean outside of scouring the net for memes, mating, eating, and some rando you swiped right for on tinder.

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Most people love those meaningless platitudes simply because of the reprieve. That's what self improvement and self development is.

I also believe that we have someone else we are best designed for.

But much like finding what you're designed for, that often doesn't happen until you spend some time developing and cultivating who you want to become through periods of severe adversity. What you've been designed for, may not be what you're passionate about. But only good enough at it for it to serve as an appetizer in my life. It was never going to pay my bills or feed me and my kids. And because of that, I let go of chasing that dragon, and I found other passions and hobbies that filled up my time.

Fear often keeps people from collecting new experiences and from moving away from stagnation in their life. They also lie around in the sun not doing shit at all the rest of the time. To get mounted and have the cubs, and to hunt together with the other females to provide for the pride.

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As young men we grow up watching sports, then proceed to run out into the yard, and play catch with our friends while wearing a jersey with another dudes name on the back of it. Lions aren't out trying to catch footballs so they can play in the NFL.

And most people have been on the net long enough to read some rah rah shit about how your life should be spent chasing your passions. But there's a huge chasm here that I believe plays a part in why so many people feel this sort of emptiness about their place in their world. My football story wasn't even good enough to get a movie made after it, like Rudy. I could make friends through it, create some fun and amazing experiences with it. And for many years there was this emptiness and longing of wanting that. Most of which actually do provide for me and my kids. And it just so happens, I was able to enmesh my design with my passions and cultivate a life that had both meaning for me, and the ability to provide. If you're lucky enough that your design and passion aligns, the that's lottery type stuff. Lots of people drift through their life with this sense that they lack purpose, jumping from job to job trying to "find that right fit".

I prefer honest people someone who is straight forward from the start, no foolish life games.… continue reading »

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