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05-Aug-2017 13:28

I liked how the book mentions that it's important to do what's right for you and to know what you want. ::crickets:: I honestly was pretty curious about Greg Behrendt after hearing soooo much hype about "He's Just Not That Into You".That yes, things like self worth, having a life, not being clingy, not having unrealistic demands, not tolerating jerks, not settling for less, not needing a man to complete you, not compromising your standards, and taking control of your life are very important things. I went into this with an open mind, just wanting to see what these authors had to say about the sucky sucky world of dating. They gave pretty good dating advice in a really funny way.Everything this book tells you rings true, we have all lost the art of actual dating - along with the art of actual communication (my opinion).The book is funny, entertaining, informative and just plain outstanding!

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Equal parts outdated and unhelpful, the tome attempts to guide women through the beautifully messy world of dating, encouraging them to wholly disregard their own power by either waiting for a man to ask them out or manipulating them into asking them out.

just stop what you are doing and go on a legit DATE.

It seems pretty simple but I know so many people who don't actually date and live in that awful gray area of not dating but not not dating.

I also liked that they reminded readers that most dates/relationships won't work out. I think the best thing that I took from it was that you should not go on "non-dates".

That doesn't mean it was bad or a complete failure. Don't do random hook-ups, don't text vagina pics...Get your highlighters out ladies :) My friend and I have a little self help book club and so we read this one for funzies.