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04-Jul-2017 23:20

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this is more of a reminder for those threads that are buried deep in pages that never get seen anymore. when you do a search, you can actually find threads where i've passed along quick and dirty ways to prove it to yourself.#57 stone (or any other aggregate) is NOT self far from it. your techs, engineers and company will appreciate the fact that you're not exposing them to ridiculous mistakes.try the simple rodding experiment i've explained in detail in other threads and see if it doesn't convince you that non-compacted #57 stone is problematic.again, the vast majorities of problems i've seen are related to loose crushed aggregate.i have plenty of data to prove that it is not and will put up my pay check in a bet any day of the week. In the old days, compaction of sand was often specified to be done by "flooding". the water lubes up the sand particle and imparts just enough pressure to allow it to move around and fill the voids.if you think that your project may utilize crushed aggregate, please do a search of threads on eng-tips and read up...there has been many discussions on the topic. I never actually witnessed it, but wondered how effective it was. you can 'always' improve compaction depending on the effort put in to the system..higher the compaction, the more effort you have to put in to see is not self compacting though so don't misinterpret the's basically liquefaction.

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without even getting off in to the strength characteristics of each approach, the unit weight difference should scare you.

so why would anything in between be self compacting?