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No political campaign back in the day, as far as I know, used the slogan PURITY TRUMPS IMMORALITY, but then political sloganeering hadn’t yet decayed into the kind of empty mouthing of buzzwords on display at present. By the way, yes, I know that comparing current attitudes toward hate with Victorian attitudes toward sex will inspire instant pushback from a good many of my readers.

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These days hate has roughly the same role in popular culture that original sin has in traditional Christian theology.Here again, it’s easy to lose track of the fact that people a century and a quarter ago—most likely including your ancestors, dear reader, if they happened to live in the English-speaking world—saw things the other way around.

A Rider and his dragon, now bound to Middle-Earth, with the hidden knowledge that they have a Fellowship to aid, and a Dark Lord to destroy. Kurama makes a huge sacrifice and Naruto finds herself in the past, determined to set things right and not allow her counterpart to live through the hardships she did. Naruto possible eventual Kaka/Naru What if the Gods of the world took a more active hand in it? (Or Jon Snow is a demi-god son of R'hllor and world history is turned on its head as a result.)A Hook/Emma angel/demon AU.… continue reading »

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For more pretentious chicks we splitted the main categories into smaller ones such as cakes games or dating games.… continue reading »

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Sometimes other people join in, but its mainly about watching and getting off on it! … continue reading »

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WEAF would serve as the key station for AT&T's network development.… continue reading »

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