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16-Jan-2018 19:09

‘We need to know where these people are at all times," Aronberg said after CNN invited him to tour the bridge where the sex offenders live.

"We need residency restrictions, but just don’t have this hodgepodge of every city having something different." State officials say unless the law changes their hands are tied, and for now the sex offenders will stay where they are: under a bridge in the bay.

The convicted felons may not be locked up anymore, but they say it’s not much of an improvement. I can shower anytime that I want to." Morales said that harsher laws and living conditions for sex offenders may have unintended consequences.

"Jail is anytime much better than this, than the life than I’m living here now," Morales said. "The tougher they’re making these laws unfortunately it’s scaring offenders and they’re saying, ‘You know what, the best thing for me to do is run,’" Morales said.

Morales has been homeless and living under the causeway for about three weeks.

He works, has a car and had a rented apartment but was forced to move after the Department of Corrections said a swimming pool in his building put him too close to children.

If your tried-and-true methods of meeting singles are getting stale -- flirting at the gym, going to bars, shmoozing at the dog park -- perhaps it's time for a change of venue.

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Five men — all registered sex offenders convicted of abusing children — live along the causeway because there is a housing shortage for Miami’s least welcome residents. " says sex offender Rene Matamoros, who lives with his dog on the shore where Biscayne Bay meets the causeway.Nearly every day a state probation officer makes a predawn visit to the causeway.

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