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Researchers have published details of the largest collection of artefacts from an early English coffeehouse ever discovered.To really be the marionette And the victimizer, too, To derive yourself in both roles And know exactly what to attach, To be caught in the moment And swept away by fervor, To be driven by your fervor, To derive rapture in trust.

There was no bogey man in the sky waiting to chastise me. , 5-6-04/6-18-07 My bride (2nd) of 22 yrs & I excommunicated the Church within two weeks of each other.… continue reading »

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Jessica Finlay, an environmental gerontologist at the University of Minnesota, says her research found that time in nature contributed to overall well-being.… continue reading »

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When we would get inside, my daughter would reach for Becky and instantly begin playing with the other kids, making it a little easier to leave and concentrate on my work.… continue reading »

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