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They speak of slavering monsters, some so hideously twisted they could not even hold a Bolter.

All were insane, their minds as blasted as their bodies by the rapid changes wrought upon them by the forbidden processes.

From its earliest days, the warriors of the XIX Legion were known as cunning and patient hunters, adept at biding their time until the moment to strike was at hand.

When the Legion was united with its Primarch -- Corvus Corax, the Raven Lord, the Deliverer, theirs was a form of warfare exemplifying speed, stealth and precision which was codified into their doctrine, and under the ivory-skinned, shadow-eyed and sable-haired Primarch, the XIX Legion carved its name in the annals of the Great Crusade.

The Legion suffered such devastating losses early in the Horus Heresy that its ability to influence the outcome of the calamitous galactic civil war was gravely limited.

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The Raven Guard are the masters of unseen and guerrilla warfare, only engaging in frontal assaults when no other option presents itself.To the XIX Legion would fall the role of the Emperor's hidden hand, vengeful sentinels against recidivists and harrowers of those who would sooner flee than bend knee before their new master.Drawing on the demeanour of the techno-savages from which it recruited, the proto-Legion quickly demonstrated its skill at reconnaissance and target identification, and it ability to transition from inscrutable watchfulness to rapid attack in the blink of an eye.Upon his return to his homeworld, Corax is said to have brooded for countless days and nights, ordering that the most ancient texts concerning the processes the Emperor used to create the Space Marines be laid before him.

Studying tomes not consulted in centuries, Corax found a way of saving his Legion from extinction, though he would hate himself for all time for the choice he was forced to make.Some hold that each of the great Space Marine Legions was created with a specific role in mind, and certainly this assertion is born out of the deeds and deameanour of many.

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