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2)Let's say i've got a flat file like this: ************************************************* 21/03/2004 GUEST1;8000;9000;1000;1500 GUEST2;8000;9000;1000;1500 GUEST3;8000;9000;1000;1500 GUEST4;8000;9000;1000;1500 ************************************************* I want to load into a table like this: create table download_tab ( cname varchar2(100), cvalue1 number, cvalue2 number, cvalue3 number, cvalue4 number, cdate date); My control file is...

****************************** LOAD DATA INFILE 'c:\test.txt' BADFILE 'c:\test.bad' DISCARDFILE 'c:\test.dsc' APPEND INTO TABLE download_tab -- this condition in order to not load the first line.- WHEN (3:3) !

= 'Totals' FIELDS TERMINATED BY ';' TRAILING NULLCOLS (LAD_ID SEQUENCE(MAX,1), LAD_NAME, LAD_LOGID, LAD_STAFFED_TIME EXPRESSION "accumulate(: LAD_STAFFED_TIME)" LAD_DATE date 'dd/mm/yyyy') ********************************************************** accumulate is a function that's part of my object hour. Thanks It's a good suggestion and it's my plan B, however I have methods in my constructor to handle the error, lets say i need an input like 12 (hours:minutes:seconds) and the flat file has 12:6 (lack of a digit: i cannot control the system thats giving me this info) but then in the special constructor has routines that decide if it's 06 seconds or 60 seconds (then transform it in 1 minute).

Doing it with the bad file means i have to do 2 procceses when oracle documentation suggests i can do it in once (of course, i'm horribly failing with it).

= '/' FIELDS TERMINATED BY ';' TRAILING NULLCOLS (cname, cvalue1, cvalue2, cvalue3, cvalue4) ***************************************** As you may see, i have a date column that's not in the flat file nor in the control. You are not going to "program" it to the extent you seem to want to.

How can I load in cdate column not a constant date or sysdate but the value in the first row in my flat file example? Thanks.- Regards.- March 24, 2004 - am UTC I'm not touching this one: ..we assume that anything we suppose it can be done with a particular feature that's not mention in the documentation... No, I don't know of anyway short of loading the first row into a table (using LOAD=1) and then running sqlldr again with SKIP=1 to load the rest and let them reference this already loaded value I am having dificulties inserting this object type: Create or Replace Type Répertoire AS OBJECT ( ID NUMBER, -- PK Propriétaire Ref Disque, Nom Varchar2(255), Pére Ref Répertoire, Member ...) Create or Replace Type Disque AS OBJECT ( Domain Varchar2(15), -- NT Domain Name Machine Varchar2(15), -- NT Machine Name Nom Character, -- PK(Domain, Machine, Nom) Member ...) Create Table Disques of Disque( CONSTRAINT PK_DISQUES primary key (Domain, Machine, Nom), CONSTRAINT CKC_Nom_DISQUES CHECK (UPPER(Nom) hi tom i was learning about sqlldr by using ulcases from rdbms/demo/ and was creating my own tables but couldn,t enter data in ulcase2 table emp as it says deptno co;umn (which is the last column of the table ) does not exist.

Thanks.- March 22, 2004 - pm UTC TRAILING NULLCOLS (LLL_ID SEQUENCE(MAX,1), LLL_NOMBRE, LLL_LOGINID, LLL_SKILL, filler_1 filler, LLL_SINCE column object ( hhmmss ), filler_2 filler, LLL_TILL column object ( hhmmss ), LLL_INITIALDATE date 'dd/mm/yyyy', LLL_FINALDATE date 'dd/mm/yyyy') That was just as cool as simple.

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my question is how would we know that such references have to be made and which constraints have to be applied when we get data files from database other than oracle.

Plus, the attribute is used for different inputs masks (hh24:mi:ss as it simplest mask but it can be about accumulative hours like the example i mention above, too) so maybe the default constructor fails to realize there's a digit lacking and can insert the value in the table.

Ok, I can control the table after the insert and repair the data corrupted but it's 2 step process and I'd like to exhaust any chance to it in just one (it's a standalone process running in background using dbms_pipe).

ORA-01008: not all variables bound ******************************************************** I know it's just not a sqlldr problem but a wrong approach im using with objects, however I have solutions in pl/sql but not here.

How can I load the object without problems with sqlldr?

I was reading Database Utilities and trying to apply the example in my case but it's raising ORA-00904: invalid column name.

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