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Week 5 DQ 2 “Decision Making” Please respond to the following: • Assess the impact of individual influences such as comfort for risk, cognitive style, personality, intuition, and creativity on the decision-making process in organizations.

• Using attribution theory as a basis, determine which mistakes can be made as managers and employees work together to explain why problems occur.

Provide specific examples to support your response.

• Develop a short list (3-4 items) of best practices based on your analysis above that any organization could apply when putting a work team or group together.

Week 6 DQ 2 “Leadership and Followership” Please respond to the following: • Analyze the theories on leadership discussed in Chapter 12 to determine which you believe is the most applicable to the greatest number of organizations. • From the video, determine three ways that the lessons regarding leadership (and followership) at Camp Bow Wow can be applied to your current (or future) place of work.

Week 7 DQ 1 “Contributing Factors to Conflict” Please respond to the following: • Analyze and discuss structural and personal factors that contribute to any conflict you experience at work (or experienced at a past employer), as well as steps that could be taken to mitigate those factors.

Week 9 DQ 1 “Organizational Culture” Please respond to the following: • From the e-Activity, make at least two recommendations for how the company you researched could modify its organizational culture to better enhance employee performance.

• Analyze the challenges involved in developing a positive organizational culture to determine which present the greatest challenge. Week 9 DQ 2 “Career Management” Please respond to the following: • Evaluate the career stages discussed in Chapter 17 to determine which will be the most challenging for you personally. • Recommend at least two strategies for addressing the challenges you identified.

• Predict the major challenges business will be facing in terms of organization behavior 20 years from now.

Week 10 DQ 2 “Applied Intervention” Please respond to the following: • Briefly describe an OD intervention you would like to see carried out at your current (or previous) employer and determine the most appropriate group-focused techniques for OD intervention within that organization.

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