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15-Jan-2018 21:55

While this is the first step in correcting a vibration condition, vehicles also need the Road Force checked. 9 The Hunter Road Force Balancer has the ability to measure this variation.Road Force is a measurement of both sidewall stiffness and how much the assembly is “egg shaped.” To understand the effects of radial force variation, imagine the tire as a collection of springs between the rim and the tire tread. By measuring, correcting and validating the tire/wheel assembly is within GM specifications for both static and Road Force, technicians can ensure that the tire/wheel assembly is corrected prior to mounting it back on the vehicle.Suspension systems and tires also are getting stiffer.In addition, many modern tire/wheel assemblies can weigh as much as 80 lbs.A few years ago, my mother had an accident and was in the ICU.

Detailed diagnostic steps for Tire and Wheel Vibration Analysis also can be found in the Service Information.

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