Validating emotions

08-Jan-2018 01:31

In the exposition of the story, Chekhov immediately delves into his character generation, introducing us to both Anna Sergeevna and Dmitri Gurov, the main players in the story.

He also gives us a physical description of Anna, as well as a beginning presentation of Dmitris character.

As Richard Ford says, Chekhov concentrates [his] narrative attentions not on the conventional hot spots sex, deceit, and what happens at the end but rather, by its precision, pacing, and decisions about what to tell, it directs our interest toward those flatter terrains of a love affair where we, being conventional souls, might overlook something important (871).However, once the couple meets, the weather begins to change. Chekhov illustrates how the characters are developing through the change in the weather.

They like to see photographs of the women they are chatting to. But, you can chose to set your intimate photos to private and start chatting.… continue reading »

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Legend tells that he lived on the Mason-Dixon line — the border between the North and South — during the Civil War.… continue reading »

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