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A bill is a contract assisting a creditor to claim the arranged amount of money from their owner. It is the most important financial instrument among discovered by humankind.

And it occurred because of merchant engaging energetic trading with German principalities.

Without realization of the problem “what is a bill” and “what are differences between its two types”, it’s impossible to properly examine the mechanism of transferring bills from the one holder to another and to figure out legal consequences of it.

Frankly speaking, a draft is a particular case of a promissory note.

In particular, according to the definition given in it, a bill is the security formalized by the regulated form certifying the transfer of rights to the holder and giving the indisputable right to require the debtor to repay the arranged amount.

It must be mentioned that enforcement practice for the last quarter of the century, has shown elaboration, consistency and completeness of American legislation in this field.People have been engaging realized entrepreneurship for decades, but only recently it’s been discovered how to documentarily acknowledge the debt owned by the purchaser to the seller.