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But she says that even after that first flush of pop success, she wasn't sure she wanted music to be her future."It wasn't that clear.I started to love music at the same time that I loved cinema, which was through musicals, the old MGM musicals with Gene Kelly. I would watch those movies and sing along in English before I could speak English cos I had learnt it from those films.First off, the actor Paradis' new film, Fading Gigolo, is out this weekend, and there's promotion to be done.It's set among the Hasidic community in Brooklyn, also stars Sofia Vergara and Sharon Stone, and is a lightly comic story about an unlikely male prostitute (John Turturro).Obviously you dream of somebody's voice, but also it's a lot about what the music does to you.But fashion…" she muses, "it's less of a free world.It has to do with what people want to see, who they want right now."Still, Paradis has been consistently in demand since adolescence.Family connections led this daughter of successful interior designers k into a recording studio, initially for a Junior Eurovision contest, then to sing the song that would take her to Top of the Pops in 1987, and then around the world.

Paradis – the picture of Parisienne elegance, but also a relaxed, rolly-up-smoker – pauses between licky dabs at her cigarette paper."Yeah, yeah, there's that," she agrees, tentatively. "Music is different – music, I guess, is more protective.There are the cigarette papers and pouch of tobacco she's currently balancing in her lap as she attempts to build a cigarette. Good thing the 41-year-old Frenchwoman has a hefty quarter-century's experience of taking care of multifaceted business, ever since "Joe le Taxi" shot the then-14-year-old to international fame.Judging by her demeanour – relaxed, scruffy-chic, sweary, smart – Paradis isn't a woman fazed by much. Twenty-five years in the spotlight can do that for a woman.Everything that has been said or written in the record are universal ideas that people can relate to and will hopefully make them feel good.

And I am completely protected there," she added with another smile, "[because] I didn't write the songs."Beyond that, no, Vanessa Paradis will not be saying any more about her ex, nor indeed much about her private life.

And now, being a mom, I don't know that I would have said yes," she admits.