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With the promise to Sonny to retrieve both, he then sets out to find and kill the party responsible.

Tommy, while associated with Lance Vance, Victor's brother, he begins to work for Vice City's most powerful drug baron Ricardo Diaz (who is later revealed to be responsible for the ambushed deal).

He was placed on death row, but due to the Forelli's influence, he only served fifteen years. Fresh out of prison in 1986, Tommy is keen to start work again for the Forelli Family, and is immediately dispatched by Sonny Forelli to Vice City to participate in a drug deal, (due to Sonny's fear that Tommy's presence in Liberty City will cause him problems in his business as he is still too widely known there).

Sonny also tells him to expand business in the south and to stay there for a while finding opportunities for a good business.

Tommy is expecting Sonny and his men when they arrive at Tommy's mansion’s doors, ready with suitcases full of counterfeit money to pay the Forelli family off once and for all.

Before Lance Vance tells Sonny the real money is in Tommy’s office safe and Sonny reveals that Tommy’s imprisonment was actually organized by himself, Tommy realizes the time for diplomacy is over.

He has established a powerful criminal empire, and he is shown to own a huge mansion, many businesses as fronts, and also has a dominating role in established drug trades in Vice City, while still retaining his well-known nickname, and his defeat of the Forelli family leader is the beginning of the Forellis decline in Liberty City.

By the time the game starts, Sonny Forelli is concerned about the other families, the Leones (a relatively new family also set up in Liberty City), which is starting to take over drug business from Forellis.

Due to Lance's betrayal, he is forced into a large shootout with the Forelli mobsters, in which he kills Sonny, Lance, and the hit squad, finally securing his empire in the city, with Ken Rosenberg as his main partner.

Tommy, at the end of the game, is shown to have become an extremely powerful figure in Vice City's criminal underworld.

Tommy arrives at the deal as a supervisor between the Forelli and Vance Crime Family.

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Just then, a group of masked assailants open fire on them, killing Victor Vance, their leader, who was the main character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, and also Forelli's men, resulting in Tommy losing both the money and the drugs, from which he narrowly escapes with Rosenberg.

A huge gunfight ensues, and Tommy slaughters countless Forelli family members, and the traitor Lance, ending with a showdown between Sonny and himself in the mansion’s entrance hall.