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10-Aug-2017 01:53

Boats crafted by anglers for anglers Performance and safety mean everything when you’re out on the water, right?

Then consider this: As an experiment, Key West chopped the bow off one of its boats and took it for a test ride.

The combination of price, import/export experience, shipping and warranty we offer you puts us on an entirely different level, whether you’re comparing KWBD to local import brokers or other U. Here are some specifics: Price: We do for free what a middleman charges you thousand of dollars for, and you’ll get the best shipping rates in the business through our two carriers.

Experience: A lot of import brokers are popping up now, but we’ve been shipping boats since 1994, and our CEO, Jack Barker, has been buying and selling boats in the United States for over thirty years.

Simon Burger, born and raised in Western Australia and a longtime resident of Japan, handles KWBD’s operations in Kobe.

Simon’s comprehensive understanding of the Australian market and its regulations and his experience in conducting business in Japan, China, Singapore and Malaysia make him a trusted export agent.

That’s because every Key West model goes beyond unsinkable, offering positive and level flotation.

Australia’s tough regulations for commercial vessels call for just 120MPa. The employees own the company, and take deep pride in building hand-laid boats using the latest composites and technology at its two locations in South Carolina.

And with over 160,000 square feet of operational facilities for design, manufacturing, sales, marketing and customer service, Key West is set maintain its leading edge on quality, technology and value.

Much more could be said, but the best source of feedback about Key West boats is the people who buy them, so here is a sampling of what owners have told us.

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Part of the Allied Marine Group, Key West Boats Direct (KWBD) is a licensed boat dealer and exporter based in Florida with offices in Florida and Japan.We are also Key West’s exclusive authorized export dealer. This is where most people come unstuck when buying a boat, and getting it wrong is expensive.