Vray unhandled exception updating

20-Nov-2017 16:47

Is there a quick fix like just copying those dll's from another machine onto this machine and registering them? YES Meanwhile the designer modified this report and published as test version. Us or anyone in ZABO gets the Unhandled Exception or a connection error DA0004 or even sometimes it hurts so bad that BO just quits, FLASH with no message.Regards, -Rahul Here's our fix procedure (HIH): Possible Solutions to this problem: 1) Delete the offending universe from the universe\universe folder 2) add the correct mfc42file (4.21.7303) to the Program Files\Business Objects\Business Objects 5.0 folder 3) Rewrite the query 4) Backup the mfc42file in the winnt\system folder and replace it with the correct one (4.21.7303) (Note: this could potentially have adverse affects on other products (particullarly norton)) 5) For Designers that can't get in (i.e., Win2000 users) ... ZABO user in 5.1.3 was getting connection error DA0004 and the report never ran. I upgraded the designer to 5.1.4 but by now the report was so corrupted that I sadly suggested he start over on a previous working version.When USERNAME signs on to BO again, the key is recreated with the correct values. This is BO, signing out from the database which it has been getting data from - normally you wouldn't see this unless BO is going slow.The fact that you see this, then get the bug is again a PC resource problem.If updating the driver for your video card doesn't help resolve the issue, you can also turn off the hardware acceleration for the video driver in Surfer.Since Surfer won’t open, you can do this with the following steps: We have also seen that some other programs, such as Webroot Secure Anywhere, caused the same error.

It gives a list of whole bunch of dlls (may not necessarily be the same every time the error occurs, but they are around 10-12 in all), and tracking each one of them down will be a pain.There is a fix (which I have never got to work) which is to import and export twice. An old or corrupt dll If you look at the information given when you get the unhandled exception error there is a bit of hex and references to a bunch of dlls.Don't forget about Tools/Universe - you can try and force an import from here. Occasionally, one of those dlls is a duff version - try tracking that down. Miscellaneous resolutions Try a full reinstallation of BO. deinstall, make sure no trace of files, folders and registry entries before reinstalling. CURRENT_USER registry (1.) by asking the user whether a co-worker, logging-into BO with a different BO account (on the same machine), experiences the same error.Try it on a faster better specified machine to prove this.

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Tidy up the report, remove unused variables, formulas as well as objects from the different queries.I tried all the resoutions and have come to a conclusion that mentioned by you must be causing it. An old or corrupt dll If you look at the information given when you get the unhandled exeption error there is a bit of hex and references to a bunch of dlls.

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