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KULAC courses are open to any student who has completed at least two years of college-level classes in the relevant language. An interdisciplinary introduction to individual and group identities over time. Students explore theories and methods relating to identity from various perspectives, such as race, class, gender, sexuality, age, religion, and region. Course is designed to meet the critical thinking learning outcome of the KU Core.

The College takes full advantage of KU’s role as a research institution to ensure that the knowledge imparted to students is current and that they learn the skills of inquiry and critical evaluation. degree is an option allowing intentional breadth, consisting of the completion of the KU Core and one of two options for degree completion. In addition to the KU Core, students complete general education degree and major requirements determined by each program offering the degree and may be different for each B. The following combinations of degrees are allowable within the College as long as the student has completed at least 15 hours unique to each major: Students who wish to work simultaneously for a degree from the College and a degree from one of the professional schools may do so, with the expectation that all general education requirements are met for both degrees. This course offers a survey of the history of human sexuality in the Western world; the second half of the semester emphasizes the American experience. (Same as SOC 330.) Prerequisite: An introductory course in sociology or American studies. This career-exploration course allows students to design lessons and teach them in local schools. Through course work and classroom experiences, students quickly learn whether they are suited to teaching.

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